Malialani Made

Welina! Welcome to my shop. Art is not a singular study in my house - I watercolor, do digital art and packages, wood burn, partner with my husband to create our M&M product line, and more. Check out all the products here - you can also sign up for far and few between Newsletters that send out updates of new products OR grab a membership to have the inside scoop on current and upcoming projects.

Original Canvas Paintings

This is really where the magic starts. Watercolor on canvas is where Malialani Made became what it is. A medium not often seen, these pieces are often inspired by Hawaiian ka'ao and mo'olelo as well as my own personal mo'olelo.


Prints & Paper Products 

Signed prints of original watercolor pieces on UV archival paper as well as paper originals, card packs, stickers, and more.



Maybe you don't want to have to cart around physical items, but you still love art. Grab digital drawing pages, phone and tablet backgrounds of watercolor pieces, and even custom digital designs like tattoo tickets or logo packages!

ginger flower.jpg

M&M Made

Are there products that you would like for you and/or your home that will last a lifetime, have an artistic flare, and be something that you are excited to tell people about? This is where I collaborate with my husband to make them and you can scoop them up.