Handmade Wave Card Packs

Handmade Wave Card Packs


Hand drawn and painted heavy cardstock wave cards with blank interior.


5x7" cards in packs of 5, 15, 30, or 50 - shipping costs are included.


These are made to order and done individually by hand before shipping, please allow at least 2 weeks between order and expected arrival.


If you're interested in handmade cards, but would prefer something custom, please email me.


If you're interested in licensing my work, please email me.

  • Shipping & Returns Policies

    Shipping costs are included in price.

    Due to the nature of small business, please expect 7-14 days between your order and shipping and 5-7 days between shipping and arrival within the US or 7-21 days between shipping and arrival internationally.

    Artist is not responsible for damage to work during shipping.

    We do not accept returns, please contact us with concerns around your purchase.